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• LPG and NG options available. • The motor can be controlled on the device itself. • The body can be moved back and forth to adjust the distance to the meat. • Safety valve automatically cuts off the gas from the radiant heaters that go out unexpectedly. • Dripping fat from the meat can be easily drained to the discharge drawer from the inclined tray for easy removal. • Use of manuel in case of power outages. • Electric motor installed at the bottom rotates in both directions. • Tray and side flaps are available as an option.

GYRO MACHINE/ Gas / Bottom Motor

  • Model Radian Heathers Gas Consumption-LPG Gas Consumption-NG kW -LPG kW - NG Kcal-LPG Kcal - NG Dimensions Packaged Dimens. Weight Packaged Weight Price ADG - 4+4 A 4x2 1.416 kg/h 2.032 m3 /h 18 19.2 15480 16512 1135 x 740 x 1090 1260 x 780 x 1220 95 kg 115 kg 

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